Football Failure and Mental Health

I’m not big on sports. Thus, I mostly don’t pay attention to the various sports programs playing on the car radio, on my way to school. Today, though, was one of the days on which I listened. Really listened. And I am glad I did. Former NFL player, Ryan D Leaf was being interviewed about life after his career failure as QB, at the NFL. His words, in seven minutes, have touched me, inspired me, and taught me more than I have learned in months. And I hope that I can hold on to the humbling feeling I had this morning, and carry it with me. I want to remind myself every single day that [in his words]:

“Our best decisions won’t take us to the promised land; our best decisions will take us to the worst places.” 

Thank you, Ryan Leaf. It was something I needed to hear; and like you said, sometimes all it takes are the right words in the right time.



Author: Gittel

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his own personality to the world he lives in. -Guitar-Watercolors-Poetry-Journaling-Blogging-Teddy Bear Petting-

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